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 "This system could save you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs by warning you of an overheating outdrive before it fails"  


About Gear Smart


Invented, Developed and brought to you by a Family

After 15 years as a marine mechanic, my dad saw a need to protect outdrives from failures that the manufactures were failing to address. Its been nearly 20 years since we started this project and its become more important now than ever before.  If you're interested in a few graphs and a short story of our research, click below.

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Easy Installation

Save even more money and install yourself! Each unit comes with an easy to follow installation guide with pictures. I am available by phone or e-mail to answer any questions that may have along the way.

Installation Instructions and User Guide

How Gear Smart works

We sell units to fit Mercruiser, Volvo and OMC outdrives. Whether your outdrive is new or old, knowing the temperature of your gear oil will keep you and your investment safe. Click here for for detailed information on how this system works.

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Mercury Mercruiser Temperature Sensor Outdrive

Mercruiser kit fits all Alpha and Bravo outdrives, Including many racing platforms.  Contact us for custom built units!

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Volvo DPH Series (A,B,C,D)

Volvo Outdrive Temperature Gear Smart

This is our most popular unit for a good reason. Customers are now aware of the high temperatures these drives create, and control them accordingly.  Installation is a breeze and the peace of mind is priceless.  

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Volvo 270 - 290

Volvo Outdrive Temperature Gear Smart

This kit replaces the dipstick on the top of the outdrive. When you remove the old dipstick, compare it to the new probe and make marks of your high level (and low if you have one). Notice the stopper bolt?

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Volvo SX

Volvo Outdrive Temperature Gear Smart

 This kit replaces the dipstick on the top of the outdrive. When you remove the old dipstick, compare it to the new probe and make marks of your high level (and low if you have one). 

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VUMAXX Gauge Cup

Vumaxx Gear Smart Outdrive Temperature

These VUMAXX universal gauge holders are interchangeable and adjustable and include five mounting styles for optimum viewing. They allow you to mount a single 2 1/16 in. gauge anywhere you please. 

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Volvo Stopper Bolt

Volvo Stopper Bolt Gear Smart

 This is a non OEM bolt specially designed by Gear Smart. Due to the fact that the 270-290 outdrives raise so high into a trailering position, the Gear Smart sending unit hits the factory bump stop. If you look closely, you will notice the stainless steel stopper bolt that was designed to stop the outdrive early to prevent damage to the sending unit. Most drives only lose a maximum of 2 inches ground clearance in the trailering position. We recommend purchasing the stopper bolt. 

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