Basic Principles of Outdrive Temperature

  For those of us who own boats, we know that preventative maintenance and constant care is the only way to keep them running. A day of good fishing or family fun can quickly be ruined by a simple thing like a dead battery, but that should be the least of your worries. Can you imagine if you burned-up your outdrive? Get out your checkbook because the average cost to replace it is $3000-$13,000 dollars or more without installation!  

 Gear Smart was designed to put your mind at ease. This is not just an extra gauge on your dash, it could be the most important one. Your Outdrive is full of oil that needs to be kept cool and clean. Since the outdrive hangs in the water, we are counting on the seals to keep the water out and the oil in. If the gear oil is past due to be changed or is even slightly contaminated with water, the temperature of the Outdrive will rise as the gear oil quickly begins to break down. The oil will only continue getting hotter and more contaminated causing it to lose all its lubrication properties.  Before you know it, the Outdrive will be over 300 degrees!  Grab the oar because your Outdrive just blew up.

   Gear Smart gives you the best tool available to prevent catastrophic outdrive failure due to overheating. By installing Gear Smart on your boat, you can constantly monitor your outdrive temperature and control it. When used properly, a healthy outdrive should maintain a relatively low temperature. If the operator starts to see a noticeable increase in temperature, it could be a clue that maintenance is required. A dramatic rise in temperature could be fatal if not addressed immediately.

 So how do I control my outdrive temperature? Easy! Just slow down and go back to the dock to find the problem. Small temperature increases may be due to bad gear oil or any of the following: 

1. Old gear oil 

2. Gear oil contamination (Water) 

3. Slightly bent propeller or propeller shaft 

4. Impeller going bad 

5. Running to hard 

6. Overloading the boat 

7. Wrong propeller   

Dramatic temperature increases above normal may be caused and are not limited to all of the above and: 

1. Loss of gear oil 

2. Total water ingestion 

3. Seals gone bad 

4. Impeller gone bad 

5. Gears or bearings failing   

If you feel at any time that your outdrive temperature may be getting to hot, all you have to do is slow down. It’s important to know that temperature is directly related to the amount of power you are using.   Without Gear Smart there is no way to recognize any problems with your outdrive while you're in the water. An outdrive can cost thousands of dollars to replace. With proper use of Gear Smart, you have a much better chance of preventing complete outdrive failure. 

Want more info? Try downloading the user guide, or ask us for more information specific to your application.  We have been using this system in our shop for 20 years and have done thousands of hours of R&D.  

Be Safe....Be Smart....Be Gear Smart  

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