Nmea2000 coming soon!

A great Gear Smart customer convinced me to step up my game and make my system NMEA2000 compatible. As you can see from the testing, NMEA2000 display is even more accurate than my gauge! I am very excited to offer this to new and existing customers. 

Having your drive temp displayed on your NMEA2000 system will offer most of the same functions as current engine data is given to you.  Data logging, alarm functions, and more can be used to monitor your outdrive on many systems.  You can see in this picture, we are using a wireless Ipad.  Possibilities are endless but I need your help. 

I am currently taking pre-orders for kits that will include the NMEA2000 adapter instead of a gauge.  My supplier requires a large minimum order for this adapter which is normal. Once I get enough orders in, I will purchase the first batch and distribute accordingly.  

Its early to say but I estimate that the adapter will be $95 apiece, plus the price of the kit.  Some customers may need additional cables etc. to hook into their display.

E-mail me to start the pre-order.  At this time, I am not going to collect any money.  Once my list fills up, Ill contact everyone and get that ball rolling.  Then I make my order, I should have my parts within weeks.