Factual Testimonials


Hello Andy,

I've now driven about 45 hours with the Gear Smart. It's awesome. As I probably told you in the beginning, I had the dph-a lower corner gears tested by a highly respected government test laboratory. Their lubrication situation analysis tells that the oil film thickness with 75w90 oil (Volvo Penta instructions) is only sufficient in 120 F degrees. What I've now been able to see (thanks to Gear Smart ;o) ) is that the working temperature in maximum cruising rpm (3150) is appr. 195  F. And that is a temperature with a highly efficient drive shower!!! Without the shower the temperatures rise well above 210 F. The same lubrication analysis also tells that a 75w140 oil copes with the temperatures I've experienced. So, as you can guess I am now driving with those oils. Btw. the water temperatures here are between 62-68 F. 

But first and foremost, thank you for your excellent service!

Best regards,

V. - Finland

Hi Andy,

We have been able to check out your Gear Smart with the DPH drive in detail. Installation was no problem whatsoever, everything just works great. It is remarkable how much and how quickly the temperature shifts depending on the conditions. You have created a very useful product! At 2800rpm cruising speed with a D6 310 the temperature averages around 190°F. Due to this great working first installation, we probably already have found another customer with a DPH drive here in Sweden that wants one.

Thank You!

K. - Sweden 

Hi Andy,

I was able to take the boat out yesterday for the spring shake down on Banks Lake.  It is amazing how a boat can be winterized with absolutely everything working and come out in the spring with something out of whack.  Actually the run went pretty well.  With only a minor electronics glitch which turn out to be a bad wire connection (go figure) and yes it was my connection.  Anyway wanted to pass on some numbers concerning the Gear Smart.  The boat is a 2008 26’ Sea Sport Kodiak which weighs 11,500# with full fuel and 3 people.  This is about as light as the thing every gets during the year.  It has a 260 HP Volvo D4 and DPH drive.  At normal cruse (3000 RPM) the outdrive temp ran 182 degrees, at 3200 RPM it went to 189 degrees.  Top RPM for the motor is 3500.  I was extremely impressed at how sensitive the Gear Smart unit registers temp changes.  It would change 2-4 degrees with a hard turn then come right back to a level temp in about 20 seconds.  Your system is quality built and worked right out of the box.  As for what the drive temp runs with a heavy load, that will have to wait till tuna in August. 

E. - Washington State

Thanks to Andy,

I recently purchased a Gear Smart temperature gauge system for my twin Volvo-Penta outdrives. Knowing your outdrive temperature is just as important as knowing your engine temperature. This system could save you thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs by warning you of an overheating outdrive before it fails. Recently, my starboard gauge was reading 8-10 degrees warmer than the port gauge. I called Andy Beeler owner of Gear Smart. After a brief conversation, he said he would have a new gauge in the mail the next day at no charge. 2 days later, I installed the new gauge. It ran with-in 1-2 degrees of the other. Now that’s great service! Thank-you Andy!!


T. - Washington State


Hey Andy, 

Your Gear Smart has given me a great baseline. I must not run for more than 30 minutes above 3000rpms as temps increase to 210. Without the shower it would be up to 240. The shower dropped the temp 35 degrees. You have a great product. 

J. – Kodiak,  Alaska